Blocker CYBER

The electromechanical blocking device for vertical rods "KIBER" is designed to work in the system control and access control (ACS) in the doors with a pre-installed mechanical lock and a system of vertical links. It is put in the rupture of one of the links.




Suspension of traction in the extended state


Information about the lock position


Four control options:


- Pulse mode


- Pulse mode with automatic locking after 5 seconds.


- Normally open (BUT)


- Normally Closed (NC)


Electrical Specifications:


Supply voltage: 10 - 16V.


Current: 170 mA (max.)


Information outlets - dry contacts:


- Active load (max / min.): 50mA 20V DC


- Contact group resistance: 500mΩ max. - 1Ω max.


1 - "CYBER" blocker

2 - unlock button ("exit")

3 - reader

4 - conventional mechanical lock with drive of vertical links

5 - power and lock control wires

6 - flexible transition for wires

7 - metal sheet

10 - ACS

About CYBER series

The newest series of vertical draft links "KIBER" was developed by us together with the manufacturer of doors and locks "Guardian". Like the "CYBER" locks, these are not just electromechanical devices, they are mechatronic devices . That is, the blockers have a controller for controlling the process of mechanical movement with simultaneous processing of information from incoming sensors. The controller compares its actions with external factors (temperature, network voltage, etc.), organizing the exchange of data with other constituent elements of the system. Based on the analysis of these parameters, the controller performs blocking / unlocking. As a matter of fact, there is integration of several elements having different nature into one functional module - which is the feature of mechatronic systems


With the deadbolts of the mechanical lock extended and the active electromechanical locking, the lock can not be opened by a nondestructive method.