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Electromechanical lock "CYBER" is designed for work in the system control and access control (ACS)


CYBER + Lock

Electromechanical lock «CIBER +» with built-in access controller (ACS), for direct connection to the reader lock for Wiegand or 1-Ware, as well as the "Exit" button.

CYBER blocker

The electromechanical blocking device for vertical rods "KIBER" is designed to work in the system control and access control (ACS) in the doors with a pre-installed mechanical lock and a system of vertical links. It is put in the rupture of one of the links.


CYBER + blocker

"CIBER +" vertical electromechanical blocker with integrated access controller (ACS), for direct connection to it of reading devices by Wiegand protocol or 1-Ware, as well as the "exit" button. It is placed in the rupture of vertical links.


Who we are and what we offer

We are engaged in designing, developing and implementing elements of control systems and access control.      Now our activity is focused on the development and production of electromechanical locks for one of the largest manufacturers of locks and doors - the company "Guardian", which we sell under the general brand CYBER
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You do not always need what is available. Sometimes there is not enough just a small stroke to achieve perfection. We are ready to refine our serial products for your needs!

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Most of our ideas are still only hovering around. You can direct our well in the right direction and we realize our new idea for you!

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We provide technical support for our products. Repair, advice, recommendations for installation and compatibility.

It is better to see once than to read a hundred times!

We try to make our materials accessible to a wide range of users, without becoming confined to a narrow circle of professionals. Therefore, we try to make visual videos in which you can get acquainted with the basic principles of the operation of our mechanisms. And you can also see the possible applications of our products on specific examples.

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Our latest aticles

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Innovations in the Russian market of door locks. Are there any? (rus)

While the European market for access control systems (ACS) is actively developing various solutions such as "smart house" and related technologies, our market is strongly skewed towards office and industrial solutions, leaving the private consumers' market unaffected. Our thoughts on this subject are set out in a short article. (in Russian)

Built-in multiple color schemes

A small story about what are the locks (rus)

This article is not a full review of the entire range of locks on the market, but it gives an idea of the basic terms and concepts that are used by the vendors and manufacturers of locks. (in Russian)

Premium one-on-one support.

How to choose a door and a lock !? (rus)

Before each of us, at least once in my life there was a choice, which door to choose and what locks in it should stand. This, indeed, is not an easy choice, especially if you are not specialists in this field.

Let's figure it out together ...

(in Russian)

The connecting dimensions of our locks are compatible with CIZA locks




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