Here we tried to collect those questions that are most often asked to us not only by consumers, but also by the quite advanced participants in the market of doors and locks. We hope that our answers will be useful to you!

What do you sell?

We sell a lock with electromechanical locking bolts and a controlled latch. There is a version of the lock - "CYBER", to connect to an existing electronic security system ( is usually called access control system ) or a lock version - "CYBER +", with built-in controller for recording electronic keys .

For what applications do your locks fit?

We tried at the design stage of the castle to invest in it the maximum potential for use. The lock can be used to control the passage of personnel in offices. Can also be used for conventional apartment doors or for private houses. And since the form factor of the lock is compatible with one of the popular electronic locks "CISA", our lock can also be used as a replacement for failed locks.

It turns out that your lock is just a copy of another lock?

No! The functionality of our lock is much wider. But the connecting dimensions are the same, which makes it easy to replace.

That is, you sell only an iron lock, not the whole system?

Yes! We sell the castle directly. All other elements of the security system, such as the reader, controller, "exit" button, backup power unit, etc. you choose according to your preferences.

And what should I do if I do not understand these your ACS (access control system) and I want a lock?

At the moment, the version "all in one box" is just being worked through. However, we have partners whose products have been tested with our product and we can advise you where to turn.

It's not very convenient to run around different shops, is there a simple solution?

Contact the company "Guardian"! They produce not only locks, but also doors in the collection! They will help you find the door of your dream, in which our lock will stand!

How will I open the door?

The process of opening the door will look something like this: you go to the door, lean against your reader your electronic key, then open the lock with a conventional key, then open the door.

So I need to carry two keys?

Yes! This is the price of security! A conventional mechanical key has several million combinations ( is the most complex system, and usually it's tens of thousands ), and the electronic key has more than a trillion combinations!

And why should I not abandon the mechanical key at all?

This option is possible. This choice is done by you personally. However, to many people the concept of "apartment key" has a completely tangible embodiment in the form of an iron key, and not in the form of a keychain from the car. And it's much calmer to realize that if the electronics fail, the door will still remain closed.

If I closed the door and lost the keys, what do I do to open the door?

Do the same thing you do when you lose the usual key! And if it is deployed to approach the answer, then if you have decided to strengthen the security of your home by an electronic access system, then you must also think over the system of spare ways. Either it's like in the usual case to store spare keys from relatives, or in a banking cell, or to come up with a more complicated scheme. For example, at work you have a spare electronic key, and a duplicate of a regular key is kept by a neighbor. Open the door without an electronic key neighbor can not, and your colleague finding an electronic key will not be able to get into the apartment without agreeing with a neighbor. There are options for readers that can provide access through the phone. Thus, at the planning stage of the security system, you need to think through an acceptable solution for you. It all depends on the level of your personal paranoia.

What will happen to the lock if the light is turned off?

Electronic access systems are not connected without a redundant power source. Therefore, if the light in your apartment disappears, then the lock will continue to work quietly on the backup power source, and nothing will change for you. In the event of a permanent power failure, the backup battery will gradually be discharged (the battery life depends on the battery capacity), and the lock is automatically unlocked, but remains closed to the cylinder mechanism. Your apartment will not become a passing yard. After the power is restored, the electromechanical lock is restored.

How to calculate the required battery capacity for a backup power source? How much does the lock consume?

In the "standby" mode, the lock consumes no more than 10mA, whether it is locked or unlocked. At the time of the change of state ( execution of the command ), the current is on the order of 100mA. The time for changing the state is 0.5-0.8 sec. This is true for the operation of the lock at temperatures above 10 ° C inside the lock. At a temperature below this, heating of critical elements is switched on, and the current can increase within 170mA. Therefore, if the lock is installed in a multiple-entry house, or a room where the temperature does not fall below the specified one, then this indicator can be ignored.

Can you briefly describe the main advantages of your lock relative to the electromechanical lock CISA?

What are the advantages and disadvantages to solve for you, we can name the main differences:

1. Absence of an additional, plateloader. The latching mechanism is controlled automatically by an electric motor. As a consequence, the door is easily closed with door closers. ( After the opening command is received in the CISA locks, the door must be opened and closed in order to cock the latch control mechanism.) If the door was not opened and then closed, the door remains open ).

2. Under any operating conditions of the "CYBER" locking devices, the current does not exceed 170mA. ( In CISA locks, the resistance of the solenoid winding is about 5 Ohm, so the current, at the time of opening the latch, is about 3 A. Depends on the supply voltage. )

3. "CYBER" locks, I have two independent interlocks - mechanical and electromechanical. Even after unauthorized removal of the cylinder mechanism, the lock can not be opened until an electromechanical lock ( unlike the CISA locks ) is removed.

These are, perhaps, the main common differences, but not the only ones. With more detailed characteristics for each model included in the line of locking devices "CYBER", can be found on our website, or the site of the company "Guardian".

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